Thank you

This post is months in the making and comes on the heels of much internal debate. After 3+ years of community events and building resource pages, I’m going to step away from Fun for St. Joe Kids. It has been my love letter to the city, my lifeline as a new resident, my encouragement to families, and has connected me to all of you. I’m so grateful for all it has meant to me.

I’ve come to realize we often are faced with decisions that aren’t black and white, but sometimes must choose between two very good things. I hate that all of you that have taken the time to reach out and tell me how great Fun for St. Joe Kids is will be disappointed by this decision, and yet I’m really excited to be more present with my family and dive deeper into other projects.

And while this event calendar is going offline, I have good news. The Uncommon Character calendar of events is a really great resource for events around the city. I’ve linked to it on the homepage and here. And for now, the other resource pages will remain up and available for your use.

I’ve loved building this site, I love what’s happening in this city, and I love all of you for letting me be part of your lives for a little while.

♡ Ashley Dawson

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