Choosing to Love

If you’ve followed along on this site for awhile, you may know this already. My family is not from St. Joe. We moved here 3 years ago. We have lived in some wonderful places, and we were excited to move to St. Joe. It’s brought us closer to family, and we’ve seen so many positive things happen in the short time we’ve lived here. A big part of why I spend my time and money working on and maintaining this website is because I believe this city has so much to offer, and I can see a spirit of hard-work and ingenuity in the local businesses that I want to help promote. We already have wonderful amenities and when we support our local businesses, they continue to grow and even more businesses and spaces for families to have fun are created.

It would be easy to spend my time thinking about what we don’t have as a city. It would be easy to look at the gaps that exist. But that isn’t what I want for St. Joe. And there are people pouring their time and money into this town to make it a better place, so the least I can do is share their vision and support them in their efforts. This looks like a lot of things. My husband and I go on dates in town, trying out restaurants we haven’t been to before and revisiting old favorites. We shop for home decor in stores instead of online whenever we can. We attend programs at our various libraries in town. We talk to people who are recent transplants and talk up how great the trail system is or how much we love Parties on the Parkway. We root for the Mustangs and the Griffons, and we go to high school football games on Friday nights.

I wanted you to know that despite what can sound like a chorus of naysayers about this town, we can choose to love it. Because what makes St. Joe great isn’t any one thing, but all of us. And when I look at our city I see people that work hard for what they have, people who are kind and generous to their neighbors, kids that are brimming with creativity, and a beautiful history that deserves to be part of a prosperous future. Will you join me? Join me in loving our city out loud, because I believe there are more of us that believe this is a great place to live than there are those that don’t.

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