Don’t Miss This: August

The summer is wrapping up, but there is lots of fun still to be had. Here you’ll find some events that require advance sign-up or tickets purchased, or are just too cool not to plan for in advance. Check the calendar for TONS of other events.

August 2-4 – Stewartsville Festival

August 2 – Cartwheels and Cupcakes @ MEGA Gymnastics

August 2 – Family Movie Night @ Grace Evangelical Church

August 3-5 – Tax Free Weekend

August 3 – Cooking Class at AKMA Cafe

August 3-4 – 49th Annual St. Patrick’s Mexican Fiesta

August 4 – Chiefs Family Fun Day

August 4 – Back to School Day! @ Life Church

August 4 – Back to School Weekend with Ricardo Hurtado

August 9 – Boys LEGO Ninja Camp at MEGA Gymnastics

August 9 – Minecraft Show-and-Tell at East Hills Library

August 10 – Movie Night at East Hills Shopping Center

August 11 – 2nd Annual Safety Bash at JCPenney

August 12 – Youth Coaches Clinic at EmpowerU

August 16 – Natural Grocer’s 63rd Anniversary

August 17-19 – Trails West Festival

August 21 – Moms for Life Kickoff Party

August 23 – 3D Pens at the Library (sign-up required by August 20)

August 23 – Early Literacy Celebration & Hot Dog Party

August 25-26 – Sound of Speed Airshow

August 25 – Renovation’s 5th Annual City Block Party

August 31 – September 1 – JoeStock Music Festival

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