Made with Uncommon Character

I almost put a disclaimer on this post, because it might seem like a departure from what I normally do. But hear me out. I started Fun for St. Joe Kids because I wanted to find fun things to do with my family right here in St. Joe. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good road trip. I even love Kansas City, but I don’t live there. Almost everything I need, I can find right down the street. For this very reason, I love what the group behind Uncommon Character is doing and the idea that we are a unique community with lots to offer. I want to be part of supporting my community, so I’m asking for your help. What are your favorite local places? These could be parks or restaurants or bakers or anything!

Here are some of mine to get things started:

My family stops by Big Sky Donuts weekly. The donuts are SO GOOD. Owner Matt Unzicker is a Missouri Western grad and a guy who puts vision into action.

I’ve had a pedicure from Dottie at Polished & Pampered Salon and Spa and it was great. I can’t wait to get another one scheduled.

If you’re downtown, you should not miss out on the chance to go to Nesting Goods. Cris and Todd Coffman have the most inviting store full of locally made goods. The selection is constantly evolving and always beautiful.

At the risk of sounding like a sweet-tooth (fine, I totally am), we’ve never been disappointed when visiting Country Cookie. It makes for the perfect after-school treat.

If you’ve never stopped at that VanZino’s BBQ trailer that’s often in the Green Hills parking lot, you have to try the pulled pork nachos. You should probably plan a 5 mile run before (you’ll be too full after), but it’ll be the best post-workout reward you’ve ever had.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me all the local places that prove St. Joe is made with uncommon character.

2 thoughts on “Made with Uncommon Character

  1. We LOVE el taco on Frederick next door to gas station. It is real, delicious Mexican food and prices are awesome! We also love pronto cafe. It has a great atmosphere and friendly service!

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  2. We love going to the Rolling Hills Library. Sarah the children’s librarian does a wonderful job with the programming and is very invested in the individual children who attend.


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