Putting a name with a face.

Hey! If you’ve been around here for a minute or two, you may have wondered who is spending their free time researching stuff to do around St. Joe? No? Well, for the handful of you that are curious – it’s me (the one on the left)!

dawson family photo

My name is Ashley and I moved to St. Joe in 2016 with my husband and our two daughters. I am COO (Chief Operations Officer), and Head of Custodial, and President of Getting Kids Ready for School (and the Day, and Life) over here at our house. So what does a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) do to keep sane during the summer, in a place she’s not familiar, with very few friends? Well I can’t speak for all of us, but I started this website. I was tired of website hopping each morning and scrolling through my Facebook feed to find something fun to do with my kids. So I not only still do that, but I also research great resources for families (like sports leagues, places to eat cheap, and what to do on rainy days), and I do it all for you! I’m grateful to get to serve families in and around St. Joe and I hope to continue to add tools and resources to help you enjoy your time with your kids. I always love feedback, so if you ever want to tell me about events or resources you think others would find helpful or about a mistake I’ve made, please let me know via email or Facebook or even to my face (please be kind – I’m just a mom, trying to share the love)!

3 thoughts on “Putting a name with a face.

  1. Thanks for doing this! I too moved to St. Joe a couple years ago and have a now 3 year old that I’m constantly trying to find something to do with. Your website definitely has made my life a little easier.


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